Family Portrait

Every time I hear those words… “Family Portrait” it takes me back, way back to my childhood and how I always longed for one but we NEVER had a family portrait of my father, mother, brother, two sisters and me. I would see other family portraits and think “wow”, “how lovely”, “how lucky”, “how blessed”, “so that’s what normal looks like”, “that’s what a family is supposed to look like and be pictured”. I came from a divorced, broken home. My childhood was far from perfect and that family portrait that I always longed for never happened. I mean, I recall taking family pictures here and there but we were never all together at the same time. So it wasn’t the same and when I think about that portrait I longed for, I always think about P¡NK’s song…”Family Portrait”. You can find the lyrics HERE.

Fast forward 32 years and now I am a wife and mother, a mother of three that is. I now have my very own family and of course you guessed it, this is our “Family Portrait”. As an adult, a wife, a mom…I view family portraits very differently now. My thoughts about them have changed and I no longer see family portraits the way I once saw them when I was a child growing up.

I now know that to a certain extent it’s a posed and fake photo. That one perfect family photo took about fifteen tries. To get the right lighting, to get everyone facing in the same direction, to get everyone to smile, heck to get everyone on location and dressed. There is A LOT going on behind that one perfect family portrait and at the root of that photo there is a MOM. One tired, stressed, hangry, sweaty, MOM! That’s right y’all, I’m that Mom, I’m the Mom that worked her tush to get this family photo session scheduled, not once not twice but a few times because either my husband, the photographer or I were booked. Scheduling this session alone was hard, but it got done. What else was hard? Outfits, choosing the right outfits for the entire family to semi – coordinate but only to have your children complain about the outfits…boy is that another argument in itself! Here’s a glimpse of  what these family portrait days look like.

Day of Photo Shoot– this one in particular was on location and we had about a forty-five  minute drive and had to be there by 10:30A.M. Ok 👌🏼 this Mom’s got it right..?!

6:45A.M. – I wake up, make coffee because lord knows I won’t function without it. Coffee in hand, I sit at my makeup vanity and of course you guessed it, I start on makeup and hair. I take about an hour for both since it’s photoshoot makeup and on location I want to look extra perfect.

8A.M. – Wake up kids and have them wash up and start getting dressed into their first outfit. Oh yeah I didn’t tell you, were having an outfit change. Mind you I had to iron ALL of our garments the days before to be ready for this day.

9A.M. – I run to fill up the SUV because I forgot to fill up the day before and also would give my husband time to finish getting ready. That’s right y’all, he still couldn’t be ready. So I pick up kolaches for the kids as well, don’t judge my fast fix for breakfast!

9:45A.M. – Pick up husband and head out to our on location photo shoot for our prefect family portrait!

10:35A.M. – That’s right, arrived late despite leaving a little early because you just never know Houston traffic and construction.

10:45A.M. – At last were all there safe and sound and ready to shoot! Wait…baby Adrian has to pee though. Quick potty break then we shoot. Ah! Where we’re we… photo shoot anyone?!

11A.M. – Commence photoshoot

11:15A.M. – The boys are over it and asked if we’re done about a thousand times already and Dad? Well Dad is so over it as well. A little background on the hubby. He hates taking pictures, I mean he loathes taking pictures. I literally had to drag him to this photo shoot. The boys, well the older one, he hates them as well. So whatever he does and say so will his little brother. Layla…she LOVES taking pictures, gets it from her Mama 🙂

11:35A.M. – Outfit Change inside a local juice bar! Yes the boys complained about that outfit change too.

NOON – Thats a wrap!

Yes! ALL that work for an hour long family photo session but it was so worth it and we loved our “Family Portrait.” Call me crazy but I would do it all over again and again. I will continue to be that Mom that wants an updated family portrait even if it means bribing my husband and boys to take the pictures for that “Family Portrait”. I want to be able to have, see, hold and cherish for these family portraits as long as I live. I know one day they will all thank me for these photos and I will be so happy to be able to tell them the stories that came with these crazy long days of mine and how I loved and hated every minute of their whining but mostly loved every minute of it.

In the end the pictures were all worth it and I’ve come to learn that a portrait is just that – a picture. A picture, that one frame that happened with the help from all of us. We are not perfect, not blessed, not lucky, not always happy but we are “OHANA.” OHANA means family. “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” – Lilo & Stitch

Special thank you to my friend 📸Patty Camacho for capturing these moments for me. You can find her here @forloveofphotographs

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xoxo  Anna

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