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Are You Rodeo Ready?

It’s rodeo time in Houston ya’ll! If you’re not from around here then you just don’t know how HUGE rodeo Houston is for us. From the livestock show with more than 30,000 livestock and horse show entries, to the exciting rodeo championships, to the nightly entertainment where stars grace the stage and get us dancing in our seats. It is such a magical and festive time around our great city, and something we Houstonians look forward to each and every year. If you don’t rodeo then you’re missing out. You need to come out at least one of the twenty days it’s in town.

Of course you can’t head to the rodeo or cook off without some great style. Rodeo in Texas is all about boots, denim, fringe, dresses and bling of course! I teamed up withΒ Thinking Girls Boutique, a local boutique, to give y’all some rodeo inspo and to shop locally! Support your local boss babes of course πŸ’‹

I had the pleasure of networking with these local boss babes make sure you give them a follow!

@TheValAroundTown Β 

You can shop the looks here:

Thinking Girls Boutique: LINK

Photo credit πŸ“Έ: The Hurried Hostess

Take a look…

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xoxo Β Anna

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